Indian fans apologise for Australian cricket team's shattered bus window

Indian fans hold up signs apologising for rock throwing incident
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Rock shatters Australian team’s bus window after T20 win over India

Indian fans in Guwahati have gathered to hold up signs apologising for the incident that saw a rock shatter a window of the Australian cricket team’s bus.

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Aaron Finch tweet: Pretty scary having a rock thrown through the team bus window on the way back to the hotel!!

A rock was thrown through the bus window following Australia’s Twenty20 win over India in Guwahati.

No-one was injured in the incident that happened as the team was returning to their hotel from the Barsapara Stadium.

The rock left a large hole in a window towards the back of the bus. The seat next to the window was unoccupied at the time.

But many Indians have been appalled by the incident, and are concerned about their international reputation.

In a show of numbers, fans lined the road to the airport holding up signs apologising to Australians, the cricket team and India’s cricket governing body, the BCCI.

“It’s shameful for us that some had people throw rock to the team Australia (sic),” one sign read.

A number of supporters also gathered at the airport to show their disgust about the incident.

The game won by Australia was the first international match to be played in the north-eastern city of Guwahati for eight years.

Indian fans hold up signs apologetic signs over rock throwing

It comes a month after a similar incident in Bangladesh where a rock broke a window, prompting security to be beefed up.

On that occasion the team was travelling in an armed convoy amid a level of security usually granted to visiting heads of state, with roads blocked off and armed guards patrolling crowds while the convoy was moving.

Authorities believed local children were behind the Bangladesh rock throwing.


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